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Having issues with your home lock is an incredibly common problem, so don’t worry if you find yourself struggling with a lock in your home. We provide a wide variety of home locksmith Alameda services to suit your needs, so whatever the problem, we’re confident we’ll be able to help you. There are many issues you can have with your home lock, such as a key breaking off in your lock, losing your key, or being locked out. These of which would require the intervention of a professional residential locksmith. However, our locks service goes far beyond simply helping with issues in your lock. We can also help you improve your current locks or make your locks more convenient for you.

Home Locksmith Alameda

Locks Service

We offer various services for your home locks needs, we can repair, rekey or replace your locks or keys as needed. Additionally, we also offer services that improve your locks such as high security home locks installation and adding new locks on your home doors.

Home Lockouts

In the case of typical home lockouts, you may have lost your keys or forgotten them inside your home. This is a relatively common problem with a simple solution for any trained locksmith. We can use our specialized equipment to unlock the door so you can access your home. You may then retrieve your keys from inside if possible.

Lost Home Key

If you lost your home key, you will need to take additional steps to have your locking working like usual again. We can replace your locks, or rekey your locks so it works with a new key. This will allow you to fully replace your lost key without any loss of functionality.

Rekeying Home Locks

As mentioned, rekeying your home locks is a good way of replacing your lost key, it is also a great way to improve your home security at a cheap price. This entails opening up your lock and changing internal components so only the new key will work with it. However, this service may also be used so you can have a universal key to a series of locks around your house.

We’ll make your locks more convenient for you.

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