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Although a less commonly known procedure, rekeying locks is an essential locksmith service. When rekeying locks, a lock is removed and disassembled. The internal components of the lock are then examined, adjusted, and replaced. This is done with reference to a specific key, so that lock will now only work with that key. Rekeying does not affect the integrity or security of your locks. There are many situations in which rekeying locks come in handy.

If you lost your original key, you may select another key to replace it. The only limitation is that the new key has to fit within the key slot of the lock. To see if a key can fit into the lock’s key slot, you can simply attempt to slide the key into the slot. If there is any resistance, don’t force it as it’s an indication that the key is incompatible with the lock. Although in many cases customers may prefer to replace the lock altogether, this option is perfect for ornate, expensive, or custom locks that would be difficult to replace.

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Rekey Locks Service

However, you don’t need a reason to rekey your lock either. For example, if you have several entrances to your home, you may have several unique keys to correspond to each entrance. In this situation, rekeying your locks will make it much easier to use your entrances with ease. It will also make losing a key more unlikely, as there are simply less keys to lose. By rekeying your locks, you can make it so you have one master key for everything you need!

It is important to note that unlike typical locksmith services, rekeying locks is a niche service that more inexperienced locksmiths may hesitate to perform. However, at Locksmith in Alameda, we are confident in our expertise and can perform this procedure wherever and whenever you would like.

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